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Soulful and visually sophisticated, Ann Laser’s work fascinates with its combination of directness and the suggestion of hidden mysteries beneath the surface. In her monoprints and mixed media paintings, she creatively explores the push-pull tension between seen/unseen, surface/depth and conscious/unconscious. 

Laser describes her process as similar to a miner going into the depths of the mine to discover and retrieve treasures—she enters the deep places within herself using her intuition as her guide. The intriguing richness of her art arises from the energetic spontaneity with which she works. Colors, forms, textures and images rise and fall as the layering and re-layering process unfolds. Her intense engagement with the piece continually tells her where to go next. At times the process is smooth and includes happy accidents; at other times the interaction becomes a struggle of wills. Her work radiates an authentic energy born of this process.

A few years ago, Laser's strong interest in incorporating different materials into her mixed media pieces led her to begin assimilating used teabags into her work. She now facilitates The Teabag Project, a collaborative art project in which people from around the world donate used teabags for inclusion in her art.

Alchemy of Decay Exhibit Opens August 26th

Ann Laser is one of five artists selected to participate in this pretigious exhibit at the New Mexico State Capitol 

Show Runs Aug. 26 - Dec. 9

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