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Traditionally totem poles were carved and painted with a series of totemic symbols representing family lineage, mythical and historical incidents.  They served as a means of communication by Indian Tribes in the Northwest.  The totem shape and the idea of being able to communicate via this shape interested me.  So I began to create monoprints with   abstract striated layers in the totem shape.  A monoprint is a one of a kind art piece that is developed in a printing process.  This monoprint was created with oil-based ink of high quality cotton paper.  The image is displayed on a wooden panel to accentuate the totem shape.

Totem #35

  • Mixed Media Monoprint

    artist: Ann Laser

    size:  15" x 8" x 2"

    medium: Monoprint

    style: Abstract

    Signature: on front

    ready to hang on your wall

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