Thank you for joining us for tea, comfort and community!


Here is the replay of our Tea Talk #10 from 12/3/2020. Just click the picture to play. This call features special guest, Antoinette Rhoner Laurence, certified acupressurist, Qigong teacher and Founder of Moving Into Peace. This call focuses on Giving and Receiving health. The practice of Qigong is meditative by nature, so this call does not have separate breath and meditation sections.

We had a little technical difficulty and were unable to use the recording of this call, so we edited in the talk and Qigong portions of a previous call where Antoinette was our guest. Our opening and closing music and art from the 12/3 call begin and end the recording.


We open our call with Make Me A Present Of You by Dinah Washington with one of Gregory Colbert's photographs from Ashes and Snow entitled; Boy Reading to Elephant. Our call ends with Cry Of The Eagle from Lifescapes and Winged Monk, again from the Ashes and Snow traveling exhibition by photographer Gregory Colbert. Next week's focus is Giving and Receiving laughter. You won't want to miss it!


If you only opted in for one call and would love to join us again, please purchase another single ticket for each replay. If you'd like to upgrade to a series ($47 or $97) to access all replays and calls you can do that here: focus for Fall 2020 is to expand and share our inner peace in a safe space. Each call begins with centering music and or art, meditation with intention, tips and talks with our expert guests, community and tea.


Brew a cup of your favorite tea and tune in.


WATCH YOUR EMAIL FOR UPCOMING GUEST ANNOUNCEMENTS! Plus! We have some very special surprise guests lined up to share with us!! Our featured guests will spill their secret sauce in our group on everything from Qigong for health and well-being to Financial Planning for wealth and prosperity.


In October we'll focus on Release In November we'll get Grateful In December we will Give & Receive We'll end the year with a call on New Year's Eve to celebrate the closing of 2020 and the opening and opportunities coming to us in 2021.




You are in the right place. Congratulations for gifting yourself some grace and space to center yourself with a circle of beautiful, conscious women to accompany you.


IMPORTANT: Calls are recorded for replay, but join us live for the most dynamic experience. Community sharing will be deleted from the recordings to maintain the trust, privacy and confidentiality of our circle. Nothing in these calls should be construed as a substitute for Legal, Finacial, Medical or Mental Health Advice. Please consult your doctor, lawyer, account, tax or mental health care professional for individual advice. This is intended to be a conversational exchange of ideas on a variety of topics

Tea Talks: On The Record #10

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