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Thanksgiving Tea Talk

Thank you for being in The Teabag Project community. Your presence here lifts our hearts and lights our way as we attend our inner peace in the interest of more peace on Earth. Knowing that this year's Thanksgiving celebrations will most likely be different from any other in our lifetime, we are prerecording our Tea Talk so you can carve out a time that works for you and participate at your convenience.

We are delighted to invite you to join us for our prerecorded Thanksgiving Tea Talk. We are so looking forward to this call! We have been holding LIVE calls on Thursdays at 6 pm PST. We started with the full moon on October 1st with weekly themes, guided meditations, tricks, tips, talks, tools and special guests. We begin and end each call with art and music and we create replays where we edit out personal shares to maintain the integrity of our circle. Being on the LIVE calls gives you the opportunity to ask questions and share your experience and the replays allow you to get right to the processes, practices and meditations if you are short on time.

Watch this space. We'll upload our Thanksgiving offering here for you to join as our guest.

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