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Send Us Your Tired, Your Weary, Your Used . . . Teabags

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

At The Teabag Project, it all starts with you. After you've enjoyed your cup of tea, think of us. Let the teabag that you used dry. Please allow two weeks for your teabag to dry thoroughly. Some people dry them on the kitchen window sill. Other folks hang them to dry outside, on a clothesline or in a tree. The more love and creativity you infuse into your used teabags, the more of you will be expressed in Ann's artwork.

We'd love it if you send pictures of your teabags in the drying process to us! Once your teabags are ready, send them to The Teabag Project, P.O. Box 2769, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-2769 Ann uses your contributions as the raw material for her mixed media, original works of art. Somehow your enjoyment of tea is transferred in a collective spirit of peace and creative collaboration. When the artworks are complete, a little piece of your life is reflected in a work of art that then takes on a life of its own, bringing peace and pleasure to all who experience it.

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