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It’s Chili Roasting Time

The aroma of chilis roasting fills the crisp Autumn air and the Aspen trees are aflame with leaves of gold. At The Teabag Project we welcome the brisk weather and meet the chilly temperatures with warm hues and luxurious fabric.

Here‘s Ann taking our new 100% Viscose Georgette Aztec Wrap for a spin. We love the way it floats and falls, dresses up or down and adds a whisper weight layer to our Fall wardrobes. We’ll wear it in Summer, too as a glorious swimsuit coverup or over tiny tops and shorts for lunch in an overly air-conditioned hotel lobby.

We are over the moon with excitement as we plan for our event coming up on October 20th in Santa Fe. We have BIG news to share! If you can’t be with us in person look for us on Facebook. We will have live video from the event. We don’t want you to feel left out!

-xo Lisa & Ann

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