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A Change Of Seasons

On October 1st we move into the last quarter of the year. With so many challenges and changes on the horizon Ann and I were inspired to create our own place of peace online. You are invited to join us as we expand our capacity for centeredness and inner peace together.

Beginning with the Full Moon on October 1st, we will meet online at 7 pm (6 pm PST, 9 pm EST) each Thursday through the end of 2020. Each week we’ll share a centering theme, music, meditation, tea and surprises to enrich our lives. We have special guests just waiting to share their strengths and strategies with us. You’ll have an opportunity to submit questions and connect with other members of our sacred circle Tea Talks, too.

At this writing, we have 1 or 2 of our Premium Membership ($97) spots available. Premium Members enjoy the gift of our Magic Of Tea zippered pouch filled with a curated selection of twelve teabags to enjoy during our weekly Tea Talks. If you prefer to supply your own tea, you can join us for $47 for all of our live circles plus our special pre-recoded ceremonies for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to watch at your convenience. That’s 14 gatherings all together at just $3.33 each or about the cost of a weekly chai latte!

Personally, I hope you’ll join us. I am making myself a priority by dedicating time to hold space for myself and my practice of inner peace. I hope you are carving out time for yourself, too. Let’s do this together! There is power in community. I know when we focus together we will accelerate our results, deepen our resolve and have more fun in the process. Join today and I’ll see you inside the circle!

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